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Rapid INR Control F


Rapid INR Control F is a fluid control that is used to control the function of patient-related instruments for measuring prothrombin complex (PK).

Rapid INR control is compatible with Coaguchek® XS, Coaguchek® XS Plus and Coaguchek® XS Pro, Coaguchek® XS Pro II from Roche Diagnostics, Xprecia Stride from Siemens and iSTAT from Abbott.

The control material has been developed for long shelf life (1 month) at cold storage (2-8 ° C). Rapid INR control F can also be stored in ordinary freezer (-20 ° C) for up to 6 months.

The control material is packaged in an easy-to-use plastic pipette can be used directly to apply the control on the test stick.


  • Cold storage (2-8 ° C): 1 month
  • Long-term storage (< -20 ° C): 6 months
  • Reclosable (used within 5 days)
  • Human plasma


Levels can differ slightly depending on instruments and reagents.

  • Lot PT4G, INR 2.7
  • Lot PT6L, INR 2.2
  • Lot PT7N, INR 4.5
  • Lot PT7O, INR 4.7
  • Lot PT9R, INR 2.6
  • Lot PT9S, INR 2.2
  • Lot PT10T, INR 2.4
  • Lot PT10U, INR 2.8
  • Lot PT11V, INR 3.6
  • Lot PT11X, INR 4.3
  • Lot PT12Z, INR 1.8